True Blood.

Hands-on learning experiences engage students with police studies.

Sep 2, 2013

A MacEwan University education provides you with both the academic challenge and the unique, personal learning experiences that equip you to succeed - plus amazing opportunities to engage with business, industry and the community in charting and moving forward on your chosen career path. And when we say “hands-on”, we mean it. Like walking into the crime scene in a police studies course...

- from the Health and Community Studies Blog

What can you learn from blood splatters? You enter the crime scene and find a wall speckled with blood. At first glance, it’s hard to tell what happened. But there is a lot of information in those blood spatters, if you know how to find it.

Police and Investigations students start the lab the same way — a wall sprayed with blood. Watch as they string the crime scene to determine the origin of the blood and draw conclusions about what happened in the crime scene.

Photograph the evidence. Explore another crime scene in the Police and Investigations lab. These students explain why they are taking photographs and detailed notes of all the evidence. Check out these videos from inside the police and investigations lab:

Slayer in the study. Get ready to put on your detective’s hat again. Here’s another crime scene mystery to solve. These students discuss the intentions of the criminal, and piece together a possible story for what occurred at the scene. Check out more videos from inside the police and investigations lab: