Out on the Fringe.

MacEwan University people are inspired by opportunities in the arts.

Sep 4, 2013

MacEwan University people (students, faculty, staff and alumni) are inspired to do extraordinary things in their lives and their careers. They are products of a culture that is creative, collaborative and very diverse. Which is a great foundation for those who want careers in fine arts and communications. The broad academic choices and the unique, personal learning experiences gained here help students and everyone in the MacEwan University world follow their own special pathways for achievement and personal growth.

Faculty members, students and graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications are making ongoing contributions to the arts here in Edmonton and around the world. They’re plugged into the community and using a broad range of skills, ideas and experience to make a difference.

One place MacEwan University people are making their mark is the Edmonton Fringe Festival — the world-renowned multi-theatre event (the largest of its kind in North America) that attracts hundreds of national and international artists who travel from around the world to bring their shows here, joining with hundreds of local performers who participate each year. Many members of the vital technical workforce for the Festival come directly from the MacEwan University theatre production program. From technicians to stage managers, performers and artists, MacEwan University people are having an impact from stage to backstage, from studio to street. Students, faculty, staff and alumni from many FFAC programs (Arts and Cultural Management, Theatre Arts, Theatre Production, Design, Music etc.) have been involved in Fringe shows and festival administration for years.

Some specific examples of involvement by MacEwan University people:

  • Little Fish (2012) - by the Plain Jane Theatre company employs many grads as actors as well as the stage manager (graduate of Theatre Arts and Theatre production) Cindy Kerr has been employed by the Theatre Arts program.

  • The Be Arthurs (having played their first Fringe in 2005 as buskers) The Be Arthurs include MacEwan University Theatre Arts grads and Music program grads. They have also performed at the Street Performers Festival and are recurring guests on 92.5 FM's The Joe Show, The Irrelevant Show and Oh Susanna Live at the Varscona (their show at 2012's Fringe is called 'The Low Down August')

  • Writing alumna, Alison Neuman adapted her memoir "Searching for Normal" into "Searching for Normal, the Musical" which debuted at the 2013 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. It's about her life growing and trying to find her place in the world as a person with a disability. She is co-directing the show, and has brought on some other MacEwan University students and grads to help bring her vision to life.

  • Nicholas Mather of Rabid Marmots, a graduate of both the Theatre Arts and Arts and Cultural Management programs is an actor, writer, director, publicist, arts and administrator and producer who writes and produces plays with his partner and has had shows in the Fringe Festivals of a number of cities.

  • MacEwan University has had two faculty members serve as executive directors of the Fringe Festival.

"Fringe has become more than just a genre of theatre, or even a Festival. It is an evolving, city-wide experience, taking over our streets, alleyways, and neighbourhoods. It is a meeting of artists from all around the world, participating in an essential journey for every theatre lover, be it a patron or performer. But, more than anything, Fringing is fun!" — Sam Jenkins, President & Board Chair

And MacEwan University is right there. The range and interconnectedness of FFAC programs provides unique educational experiences and opportunities to connect, collaborate and create not just a career in the arts, but a life.